These rules arranging the community
  • indignities and offensive language are not allowed
  • No vulgar or obscenely speech
  • Posting pics from the following magazines is strictly forbidden:
    FHM, Playboy, Penthouse, Stuff, Matador and all other pics with
    a copyright particularly privat and naked pics of Cora Schumacher, Micaela Schäfer, Renate Lingor.(private messages included)
  • no pics of Britney Spears´Baby
  • no links to other webspace
  • no links to TGP-pages or something like this
  • no links to dialer-pages
  • no links to warez or filesharing pages
  • no violation against copyright
  • spamming (like copy&paste) is forbidden
  • postings which are only made to reach 50 oder 1000 posts will be deleted. If continued the user can be banned from writing.
  • Fakes only from international celebrities (no german fakes)
  • Celeblounge is a FSK 16 board (no hardcore pics please)
  • Do not post any pics from underaged celebrities (only 16+)
  • Do not post musicvideos which are younger than one year
  • Signature is no advertising space
  • Your avatar has to be maximum 100x100 pixel/10kb size
  • Your signature has to be maximum 600x150 pixel/200kb size
  • Everyone is personally responsible for their own postings
  • Community-Language: german or english
  • it is not allowed to post asian girls which are no celebs because we are not able to define their ages.

Coplement from 2005/11/17
The attachments of .zip or .rar files are forbidden, because there is no possibility to control the files.

Coplement from 2006/01/18
Using cash-hosters ist strictly forbidden!

Coplement from 2013/02/20

Special rules GIF-area:

The title must contain the name of the celeb and the origin of the shown scene (TV, Movie, Photoshooting or other) and if known the date of origin. so the content should be available in our search engine. A short description auf the scene is allowed too.

Our rules for reposts will not be used for a GIF posting, if it's not yet here showing exactly the same scene and quality.

You can include some caps to hightlight scenes. Sor more than 4 to 6 caps please start a new thread in the caps area.

These rules are the basis for your abidance and your activities on this board.
There will be no exceptions.
If anyone does not confirm with these rules he is not allowed to stay at celeblounge.

If anyone is trespassing these rules in a hard way he will be admonished or eliminated from this board.

All pictures of the following photographer are not allowed at this board:

* Bernhard Kühmstedt
* Thorsten Buhe
* Michael Wilfling
* Christian Schoppe

Furthermore all pictures of the following celebs:

* Daniela Lienhard
* Cora Schumacher (nude images)
* Natalia Wörner
* Renate Lingor
* Veronika Zemanova
* Natalie Langer

Videos that aren't allowed:

* Natalia Woerner Videos
* Daniela Lienhard
* Music Videos
* Musically Live Appearances (Even parts of it)

All topics that'll defying against these rules will be deleted and avenged with a ban. The IPs of the creator will be stored for security reasons.

Using the pic codes from this boards posts at other boards, blogs, fansites or everywhere else or posting the pic codes of other boards, blogs, fansites or everywhere else at this board without permission, will result in the automatic ban of your account.

General important information!

A verdict of May 12th, 1998 in the district court Hamburg has decided that when installing a link the consequence will be the acceptance of the responsibility for the contents of the linked site. This could only be prevented, so the district court ruled, by particularly dissociating from these contents. has links on its sites to other sites on the Internet. Applies to all these links: particularly states that we have no influence on the design and the contents of these linked sites. Therefore, we particularly hereby dissociate ourselves from the contents of all linked sites on our homepage and do not make these contents ourselves. This explanation applies to all shown links and to all contents of the sites to which the links lead.